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Compatible with Opencart: 1.5.4.x / 1.5.5.x / 1.5.6.x / 2.0.x / 2.1.x / 2.2.x / 2.3.x / 3.x


10 Tips To Increase Sales On Opencart Website On Tight Budget.


According to latest studies, it is found that increasing sales on opencart is very challenging, it becomes very tough to earn from the website or get sales if it is not well optimized or well structured.

Today, I am going to share some of important tips which will help you to boost sales on your opencart website on a tight budget.

1. Felix Opencart Filter (Cost 55$)

Users can easily filter by price, attributes, options, sizes, colors, etc. and special offers..

2. Advanced SEO Module (Cost 99$)

A well SEO-optimized gets noticed by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and by default opencart is not seo optimized, it requires to optimized to have SEO friendly URLs, canonical links, h1 and h2 tags etc. You can try doing it by yourself or you can use advanced seo module which does the work for you. This module automates the process of on-page optimization. The cost for advanced SEO module is 99$, but we have offer pack of 89$, we are planning to include 9 premium modules including seo module at the low price of 89$.

3. Social Login Module (49$)

Having a social login or social auth, always a good idea for any ecommerce website owners, because 70% users have their profile on facebook, twitter, google, linkedin. They can use their social profile to sign up to opencart site, without having to fill the registration form. It increase the sales by 30-40%, as per studies by Forbes.

4. One Page Checkout (49$)

By default opencart checkout system is very lengthy, it has 6 steps where user needs to fill all 6 steps which is very time consuming. One page checkout module is very good replace of default one page checkout, it is just one step and user can fill their information in just few mins and place an order on your website. It also reduces abandon rates on your website.

5. Pop Module Opencart (Cost 49$)

Have a popup module on your site is always a good idea, because when user lands on your website, they first see special offers or sale items and then hit on buy now button and increases sales by 70%

6. Product Inquiry Questions (Cost 49$)

Your potential clients will have some questions before they click on buy now and order something from your website, so it is a good idea to have this product inquiry button on the website. They simple questions, website owner can reply on their emails, it builds reputation building with the customers and increases recurring sales on the website.

7. FAQ Module (Cost 49$)

Your customers may be list of questions before they buy on your site, it can be of return policy or about warranty of products. It helps to include more options or frequent asks questions for your products so the customers can buy the products with satisfaction.


8. Newsletter Module (49$)

It is another popular module or plugin for any kind of website to capture leads or emails addresses of your customers, once they subscribe to the newsletter, and you can then send them offers or special deals etc. You can take help of mail-chimp, aweber, those are very popular email marketers to send your emails or you can automate your emails. This increases sales upto 70-80%


9. Header Notification (49$)

It is well known that once you shows some notification on the header of the website, with a link, user jumps directly on to that link and grab the special offers provided by the website owners. It also increases the chances of generating sales by 40-50%


10. Cookie Law Notification (49$)

To be honest with the customers, one must include this cookie notification and user accepts it, so the website can display the customized version of data based on the user experience and browsed items.

11. Blog Management Module (49$)

Blog is very essential in any website to get more traffic, and easy and best place to post your articles or news related to your business. It generates good amount of traffic and sales to your opencart if it well optimized.

If go and buy all these modules, from any where, it will cost you more 300-400$ for all these modules, but we are offering this modules at just low price at 89$. This offer is only limited period of time, expiring today. So hurry up and grab yours deal today. Click on add to card or buy now button above to avail this offers.


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